The Staffordshire Hoard Helmet: Update 1

So, it’s already half way through January, which is pretty scary. I have made a resolution to clean up this blog, place much more information about my work and the content behind my models as well as making a lot more of my thought processes open and accessible to people who are interested.

One of the things I am going to be focusing on (Portus aside) in my spare time (HA!), is the Staffordshire Hoard Helmet. With all the new flying around regarding new finds it is heavily in the news at the moment and so the time seems right to go back, evaluate where it is at, look at some more of the findings/correspond with people and on top of producing some lovely stills get a nice animation finished.

One of my bugbears about the model up to date has been that it falls apart when you look too closely at it. I have therefore decided that it is about time I added a sculpting tool to my belt and have cracked open Mudbox to try and bring more depth into the model. So far here is my progress after a few days of playing around with it:




I think it’s a promising start. The real advantages won’t be properly seen until the pieces are animated in the model. Then the difference that a program like Mudbox can make to a model can really be seen. I have also been revisiting the photo archive on the Staffordshire Hoard website to see if I can ascertain any new information about the existing pieces. One thing I will definitely be including in this update will be the ribbed wire objects that they have found as well as the tabs.

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